Lions Rookie Aidan Hutchinson Got The Entire Team To Sing ‘Billie Jean’ On ‘Hard Knocks’

The Detroit Lions drafting Aidan Hutchinson with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft seemed like a perfect match, as Detroit needed a potential pillar along its defensive line and Hutchinson was the Heisman Trophy runner-up less than an hour away at the University of Michigan. While that didn’t quite happen — the Jacksonville Jaguars got the top pick — Detroit was still able to get their man with the second pick.

Hutchinson projects to be a potentially special player in the league, and as we learned on Tuesday night, he’s a pretty good entertainer, too. The latest season of Hard Knocks debuted on HBO, with the Lions at the center of the show. One scene got teased by Adam Schefter of ESPN as possibly “the most entertaining rookie singing moment in show history,” and we’ll be honest: it lived up to the billing.

Here is the video, in which Hutchinson sings Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” during a team meeting and gets so into it that the entire team starts singing and dancing along.

Kudos to Hutchinson for doing such a good job that it was impossible for the entire room to not join in on the fun. The Detroit Lions got themselves a good one, both as a defensive lineman and as a bringer of incredibly good vibes.