Brock Lesnar Returned To WWE And Seth Rollins Won The US Title

WWE’s season premiere was set to provide a slew of surprises, but even the Brooklyn crowd was caught off guard when Brock Lesnar’s music hit during Monday night Raw.

Just two nights removed from losing in the Extreme Rules main event in the Fight Pit against Matt Riddle, Seth Rollins was slated for a showdown with the United States championship on the line against Bobby Lashley. But after Lashley made his way to the ring, it was Lesnar’s music that hit as the live crowd lost its collective mind.

Lesnar took his time strutting around the ring, slapping hands, and posing for the crowd. Once in the ring, he grabbed the microphone, said good evening to Lashley, dropped the champion with a handful of F-5’s, and tried to break his arm with a kimura.

After a commercial break, while medical personnel attended to Lashley, Rollins made his way to the ring and demanded for the champ to get in the ring. He eventually obliged and was met with a pedigree right out of the gate for a two count. After a frog splash from Rollins, Lashley landed the spear and tried to lock in the Hurt Lock. Rollins fought out and dropped the champ with the stomp. Another stomp later gave Rollins the win and the belt.

The path for Lesnar and Lashley to fight once again seems pretty clear after their last showdown in January, where Lashley defeated Lesnar to become WWE champion.