Broncos DT Mike Purcell Screamed At Russell Wilson As The Broncos Offense Laid Another Egg In Carolina

The Denver Broncos have been one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL this season. After trading two first round picks for Russell Wilson and then giving him a massive $245 million contract extension, the Broncos offense sits near the bottom of the NFL in most every category.

Sunday provided a rare opportunity for a win for Denver, as they traveled to Carolina to face the lowly Panthers in a battle of 3-win teams. Once again, the Broncos offense no-showed, falling behind 23-3 before scoring their first touchdown in the fourth quarter with the game already decided. Prior to that scoring drive, the Broncos defense had some frustrations with the offense boil over as defensive tackle Mike Purcell walked off the field and couldn’t help but give Russell Wilson a few choice words as he screamed at the star QB briefly before heading to the bench.

As the Fox crew notes, it’s not clear if Wilson said something that got Purcell’s attention or if he just decided in that moment he needed to give a piece of his mind to Wilson, but either way it’s unsurprising to see given how this season has gone. Denver’s defense has allowed 23 or fewer points in 10 of their 11 games this season, but will somehow fall to 3-8 with another loss to the Panthers. Also, the best drive of the day by the Broncos came after this, so maybe the defense needs to yell at the offense more and they’d turn things around.