Derek Carr Cracked A Joke About His Situation With The Raiders At The Pro Bowl Games

It sure seems like Derek Carr will never play football again as a member of the Las Vegas Raiders. After losing the starting job at the end of the 2022 NFL season and leaving the team altogether, Carr, the veteran signal caller who has spent his entire NFL career with the franchise, is among the quarterbacks who are expected to seek greener pastures during the offseason, while the Raiders are listening to trade opportunities.

Where he ends up is unclear, but Carr has a little bit of unfinished business in Sin City. No, he doesn’t have to do anything with the Raiders — Carr was one of the AFC’s alternates in the Pro Bowl this year, so he’s participating in the festivities in his soon-to-be former digs. This included slinging the pigskin around during the Pro Bowl Games on Thursday night, where Carr put on a show in the Precision Passing challenge and helped the conference pick up a win.

Carr looked excellent during the event, and afterwards, Ryan Clark of ESPN paid him a compliment, asking him if he’s ever been “that hot in Las Vegas.” In response, Carr couldn’t help but get a joke off.

“Not that hot,” Carr said with a smile. “That’s probably while I’m going somewhere else.”

The line was a hit, presumably because it is extremely funny. It’s not always easy being able to joke about this sort of thing, so good on Carr for finding some humor in what could be a tough situation.