Drew McIntyre Has The Chance Of A Lifetime At WWE Clash At The Castle

When Drew McIntyre walks to the ring in the main event of Clash at the Castle on Saturday in Cardiff, Wales, everything will have been set up perfectly for his full redemption arc.

McIntyre wrestled across the United Kingdom as he was coming up and returned to continue perfecting his craft when he got released from the WWE in 2014. Now, it’s where he will get the chance to claim the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in a matchup against Roman Reigns.

“This is the moment I’ve been chasing,” McIntyre told Uproxx Sports. “It’s all about those big moments in WWE. That’s how we create legendary superstars. I missed that big moment with the crowd when I beat Brock Lesnar for my first [heavyweight title]. I missed that big moment with the crowd when I beat Randy Orton in the ThunderDome with the virtual fans there. I’m very proud of those moments and the escape we allowed everybody during those scary times, but I need that big moment to help me get to the next level.”

McIntyre is currently in Wales, where he’s seen the posters and witnessed a giant mural to hype his showdown with Reigns. These sorts of things have hammered home the magnitude of what is on the horizon.

“It’s only just started kicking in,” McIntyre said. “In WWE, we’re 52 weeks a year with no re-runs, no offseason, no days off. I’m constantly doing some kind of media, some kind of promotion. So I couldn’t really grasp the gravity of the show and how big it is. It’s really starting to sink in now that we’re a few days out and I’m talking about Clash constantly. My goodness, it’s actually happening. And not only that, [it’s] ‘You’re in the main event, just like Bret and Bulldog when you were a kid.’”

McIntyre channeled his inner Owen Hart when discussing the challenges that Saturday presents when he squares off against Reigns and his two-year title run.

“There’s not been a run like this in the modern era. There will probably not be a run like this again. He’s had the Universal title for two years. Now, that is quite an incredible testament to the character and capabilities when it comes to this industry,” McIntyre said. “But enough is enough, it’s time for a change. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t difficult at times during this journey.

The opportunity to come back to WWE and redo what happened the first time and show the world what I’m truly capable of, fulfilling my potential instead of squandering it, that’s a cool feeling,” he continued. “And the fact that I’m getting the opportunity to get the titles in front of live fans, as an added bonus on UK soil really would be the greatest moment of not just my career, but probably my life.”

To cap off a dream come true, McIntyre will have the opportunity to show what he’s made of in front of a raucous audience of more than 60,000. It’s that atmosphere that he hopes one day leads to one of WWE’s big four events returning to the UK.

“The potential’s unlimited and this is phase one, as far as I’m concerned,” McIntyre said. “Once the world gets to see this show, the incredible visuals, I think it’s going to lead to a SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, and potentially a WrestleMania down the line. I’m so happy that it’s been so well received. For me personally, obviously, the UK is a special one.”

For McIntyre, it’s all about taking things one step at a time. And that starts with Reigns on Saturday.