Justin Herbert Considering Getting An Injection In His Ribs Had Fans Remembering What Happened To Tyrod Taylor

Two years ago, the Los Angeles Chargers faced an early season game against the Chiefs with a quarterback dealing with cracked ribs, and Tyrod Taylor decided to get a pain-killing injection to try and play. Instead, the Chargers team doctor punctured Taylor’s lung with the injection, forcing him to go to the hospital and inadvertently beginning the Justin Herbert era in L.A.

Taylor is currently suing the Chargers doctor for this incident, and now the Chargers face an almost identical situation heading into Week 3 with Herbert, who has a rib cartilage injury and is mulling over the same pain-killing injection to try and play against the Jaguars. Herbert is reportedly pushing to play, while the Chargers medical staff is “encouraging him” to take the longview and sit out a week, but it will be a game-time decision — and it seems the Chargers would take extra precautions to avoid a similar disastrous situation as what happened to Taylor by using ultrasound to guide the injection.

First off, there’s a good question as to why using ultrasound to guide the injection wasn’t standard operating procedure in the first place with Taylor — and probably only helps his case in his lawsuit. Second, even with added precautions, many fans can’t get past what happened to Taylor and would like Herbert to reconsider his push to play given the worst case scenario is a punctured lung, particularly in a Week 3 game with the Jaguars.