Kyler Murray’s Pick-Six Was So Bad The Rock Started Drinking Tequila Straight From The Bottle On The Manningcast

NFL Wild Card weekend continued with an intriguing NFC matchup on Monday night, and the battle featured a pair of teams from the NFC West. While the game began with a narrow point spread in favor of the Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay’s team took control early, building a 14-0 lead while the offense of the Arizona Cardinals sputtered. Then, things went from bad to worse for the Cardinals, with star quarterback Kyler Murray uncorking a brutal interception from his end zone that resulted in a touchdown for Rams defensive back David Long Jr. to give Los Angeles a three-score lead.

Murray was already scuffling, completing just three of his first eight passes for eight yards with two sacks. Still, this is an example of a play that you simply can’t make from any part of the field, much less your own end zone, and ESPN analyst Brian Griese expresses some of that frustration in the clip above.

Simultaneously, though, The Rock was being interviewed during the Manningcast on ESPN2, and his reaction (alongside Peyton and Eli) was priceless.

Not only does The Rock pull tequila straight from the bottle, but the play came right on the heels of a motivational address from the always entertaining personality. Peyton Manning also delivers a trademark reaction of bafflement, and Eli Manning sounds like he died a little on the inside as well. The pick-six didn’t necessarily bury the Cardinals but, with the team’s formerly high hopes for this season in the balance, it was definitely a low point for Arizona and The Rock embodied that.