Football Fans Were Furious Over How Terrible The Referees Were During The Bengals-Raiders Playoff Game

Fans of bad officiating were treated to a masterclass from the crew calling Saturday afternoon’s playoff game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Las Vegas Raiders. If there is good news for the teams, it’s that both of them were on the receiving end of a call that would have made them furious — at the end of the first half, an accidental whistle should have marked a play where the Bengals scored dead, and during the third quarter, Las Vegas were rather fortunate to be afforded a time out on a play where Joe Burrow hit Ja’Marr Chase for a big gain that would have set Cincinnati up for a first-and-goal from the Raiders’ six.

On top of that, the crew originally ruled this third-and-4 completion a Hunter Renfrow a catch and a fumble before the Bengals challenged and got it changed to an incomplete catch.

It wasn’t good! Considering the stakes that come with playoff games, you’d think there would be some better officiating going on. But instead, it’s drawn a whole lot of scrutiny from folks on the internet.

This game’s crew, which is headed by longtime official Jerome Boger, has come under a whole lot of fire from fans who have, well, seen them do games before.

Rule number one of officiating is to never be so bad that people learn your name, so it’s safe to say the refs in this game broke that rule over and over again.