The Patriots Made The Dumbest Play Of The Year To Lose To The Raiders On A Last-Second Pitch While Tied

The Patriots and Raiders spent Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas trying to one-up each other in ways to lose a football game. The Raiders went first blew a 14-point lead halftime lead on a pick-six and some truly awful offensive effort for much of the second half, needing a touchdown from Derek Carr in the final minute to tie the game and force overtime.

Bill Belichick and the Pats couldn’t abide by another 10 minute of football though, as they had dinner reservations to get to on the Strip, so they decided to make the dumbest play of the season (and one of the dumbest of all-time) trying to lateral the ball around the field in a tie game, with Jakobi Meyers chucking the ball up at midfield trying to go back to Mac Jones but falling into the arms of Chandler Jones, who stiff armed Mac directly to hell before running it back for the game-winning touchdown.

It is truly baffling why Meyers decided to chuck the ball 25 yards backwards and across the field, because, again, this wasn’t a desperation play not to win. The game was tied, after the first pitch failed to yield a path to the end zone, just go down and you still can win the game. Instead, you do the only thing you can’t in that situation and heave one to Chandler Jones while your poor QB has to try and tackle a defensive end.