Todd Gurley Tells Us How Much He Misses Real BBQ, And Other East Coast Delicacies

10.21.16 1 year ago

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Running back Todd Gurley has had a pretty interesting NFL career in his first two seasons in the league. He’s in the strange position of having played in two different cities … for the same team. Drafted as the No. 10 overall pick to the St. Louis Rams in 2015, he’s helped close down the franchise in the midwest and move it out to Los Angeles, which has been starved for a football team for decades.

While his football journey has been strange, we wanted to know about his perhaps-even-stranger food journey. Born in Maryland, raised in the South, playing college football in Georgia, and now splitting his pro career between St. Louis and Los Angeles, we sat down with the Rams star to find out where he’s found the best food, and what food he dearly misses.

If you think this line of questioning is strange, need I remind you that Gurley is one of the latest NFL stars to be a Campbell’s soup spokesperson? We met at a Campbell’s event, the man himself positioned behind a bowl of fresh, hot soup … certainly not his first of the day.

UPROXX: How’s the soup been treating you?

Todd Gurley: It’s been good. I tried the new clam and corn chowder with bacon today, that was my first time trying it. I’m usually trying the original clam chowder.

That’s your favorite?

Yeah, that one and the chicken noodle. Can’t go wrong with those two.

We’re talking about food, talking about Campbell’s, when you’re in the football season what’s your diet like?

The Rams do a pretty good job as far as providing food at the facility. They do breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whatever they have up there we eat it and then if you want to go home at night and cook something up, which most guys do, some guys don’t because they’re more tired. You eat what’s given.

Do you ever go home and cook stuff up?

Yeah, sometimes.

What do you cook?

Pork chops, chicken. Something simple. I don’t want to be taking all night to cook because I got to get right back up in the morning. Just get on the grill or make something real fast.

What about the offseason, what’s your diet like? Do you go a little crazy in the offseason or do you try and keep it reined in?

No, I go crazy. You go on a streak, I’m going to eat good. You have meal services, they’re pre-cooked meals and stuff like that. I kind of did that when I was in this offseason, I was training at the XO, that was easier for me. I did that to get the prepared meals and it was pretty good.

I try and stay away from all the fast food, but you still eat it. Yeah, cook yourself and if not, get a chef or get the pre-cooked meals. You can never go wrong with pre-cooked meals.

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