The Best Tech Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

01.05.18 2 months ago
best tech podcasts right now


Technology is everywhere in our lives — naturally it’s infiltrated our eardrums. But a lot of podcasts about it are either deeply technical or a little too uncritical of the industry and its moves. Still, learning about what we use, how it’s made, and why we use it helps us make better decisions, and this history behind a gadget can often affect how we approach technology.

These podcasts give you a window into the stuff that helps you live a better, more connected life.

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Why’d You Push That Button?

The Verge

Often, the things we supposedly control try to control us instead. Think about how quickly your phone taught you to look at it every time it buzzes. That notification might be important! It never is! But it might be! Why’d You Push That Button?, hosted by Verge writers Ashley Carman and Kaitlyn Tiffany, explores the psychological manipulations apps, gadgets and other stuff exploit, intentionally or not, to keep you looking, clicking, and liking.

Best Episode: “Why Do You Stalk People On Venmo?”, which explores the financial app’s completely unnecessary “social feed” and why it’s so absurdly compelling.

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