The iPhone 8: Everything (We Think) We Know Before Its Launch

09.11.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

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Tomorrow, unless Apple has spent a solid year messing with the entire world, we’re going to meet the next round of iPhones. And while we can’t predict everything, we have some pretty solid guess, thanks to a mix of leaks, Apple discussion, and other bits. So, here are a few predictions as to what Apple has coming, and how it’ll affect you.

1. Expect a lot of iPhones.

The final version of iOS 11 just leaked this morning, so expect lots of tidbits to turn up throughout the day. But the most visible is that they’re really calling it the iPhone X. Paired with all the advanced technology rumored to be in there, with an edge-to-edge screen, an infrared camera, and a price to match, and it’s perhaps not surprising that Apple’s chosen to differentiate its attempt to leap ahead of the smartphone pack again by leaving aside the numbers.

It appears the “iPhone 8” will be an upgrade, probably with most of the same features, packed into the old iPhone chassis. Expect that to be more affordable, at least relative to the iPhone X’s $1000 price tag. It also appears the current iPhone will get a new coat of paint and a minor upgrade to be the “budget” entry in Apple’s iPhone line.

2. Listen for augmented reality chatter.

We already know that the new iPhones will have a dual-lens camera, and Apple has made it clear they think AR is the future, to the point of taking the unusual (for Apple) step of backing an AR game. Already from the iOS 11 leak, we’re seeing reports of it being used to upgrade Apple’s digital lighting effects. Apple’s goal appears to be a phone you can point at things and get instant details about them, and it’ll be fascinating to see how that works IRL.

3. Photography stays in focus.

Apple has recently fired up an Instagram, doubling down on its campaign to prove that the iPhone is close enough to a pro camera to make it worth the high price tag. Expect Apple to discuss the dual lens camera in detail and show off what it can do. Apple will also likely start talking up the iPhone’s undeniably impressive video features.

3. Security may not come up as such, but it is undeniably on Apple’s mind.

In addition to a feature that we’ve called the “stick it to the man” function, it turns out that Apple is going to require a passcode to access your device, period, if it’s plugged into a computer. Apple’s fights with the FBI have been very loud and very visible, so it stands to reason that Apple is going to spin features that oppressive regimes and democratically elected governments alike are going to whine about in public very soon.

4. Be ready for some aggressive moves with Apple Music.

Apple’s been trying to muscle into streaming music more for years, and just yesterday it came out that Spotify stopped working on Safari browsers due to an obscure software module Apple refuses to support, just the latest in the petty squabble between the two companies. Apple is also spending a billion dollars to launch its own video streaming service via Apple Music, and that’s likely to be a focus.

5. Above all, expect the unexpected.

Apple is making far bolder moves elsewhere in its line: The Apple Watch is being cut from its phone shackles to stand on its own, for example. Apple is clearly feeling left behind, and the iPhone X is just a hint of Apple bidding to jump ahead of Google, Microsoft, and the rest of its competitors. It might be a wild keynote tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled.

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