The iPhone 8: All The Rumors

Apple is holding a big media event on September 12th. And while they could just be checking in with the media after a rough year, buying reporters some coffee and donuts to see how they feel, far more likely we’ll finally get a look at the mysterious iPhone 8. And that means it’s time to recap the rumors and see just what we’ll be getting.

– First of all? It’ll cost you. Rumors that the iPhone 8 was going to start at a premium price arrived early and as the event approaches, we just keep seeing more confirmation. So, don’t be surprised if you feel your bank account wince when the price is unveiled. That said, Apple is also reportedly revealing at least two other, more conventional iPhones, so if you want to upgrade, but aren’t ready to shell out futuristic prices, you’ll have options.

– And what do you get for your $1000 minimum? A very different phone, starting with an edge-to-edge screen with a little notch out of the top and no home button. It also may be made entirely out of glass, although that’s the one rumor we’ve heard that’s yet to be confirmed. Another rumor is that Apple’s insistence that a metallic pink is “rose gold” will finally be dropped, and instead we’ll have to hear about how bronze is “copper gold.”

– Internally, it’s unlikely Apple will be making any huge jumps forward in its chipset. The iPhone 8 will be more powerful than its predecessors, almost certainly, but that will likely be the least compelling thing about it. Fortunately, it’ll come with a massive battery. And at least some models seem likely to finally be incorporating wireless charging.

– Hardware-wise, by far the most rumors have come out about the camera. iOS 11 contains clues that the iPhone 8 will have an infrared camera, or at least a sensor, whose primary job will be to unlock your phone, but expect apps to make use of that new hardware quickly. The camera will have two lenses to offer better optical zoom, and the camera’s video features are getting a serious upgrade.

– Finally, you’ll get a lot of security for your money. iOS 11 has been torn apart by developers and one of the most interesting features is Apple hid a “stick it to the man” function that locks up your phone in emergencies. This is on top of the major privacy upgrade introduced in iOS 10, so expect a much tighter ship next week.

Check in Monday, where we’ll predict what Apple announces on the 12th.

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