The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Being Abandoned By Major Wireless Carriers

10.10.16 2 years ago


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been, unreservedly, a disaster for the South Korean electronics giant. First recalled in September, a poorly run recall process and a rushed production schedule has meant that millions of phones have stayed out there even as there have been more and more battery explosions, five in the last week alone. It’s gotten to the point where three of the four major carriers have, more or less, officially abandoned the Note 7 as of last night.

Yesterday, both AT&T and T-Mobile announced that you can’t exchange a Note 7 for a new Note, and this morning Verizon quickly followed suit. You can still exchange a Note for a different phone, and the recall process, as messy as it is, is still on-going. This is likely a reaction both to the spate of explosions, including one igniting in a Seoul Burger King, and Samsung finally throwing in the towel and suspending production of the phone until the riddle of why it keeps exploding is fully answered.

Answers on that question vary: A Bloomberg report claims that the phone puts too much pressure on the battery until it ruptures. Whatever the answer, though, Samsung has a tough road towards winning back consumers after how this recall has unfolded.

(via the Verge)

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