The Best ‘Seinfeld’ Episodes Of All Time, Ranked


Time has been kind to Seinfeld (which debuted 30 years ago as The Seinfeld Chronicles). It’s still relatable, it’s still clever, the quirks of the cast can still make you smile, and, unbelievably, the comedy still catches you off guard while you look for hidden moments that you may have forgotten about or missed. That’s what makes picking the top episodes so hard: there really aren’t that many that feel hollow or which don’t deserve some kind of lengthy tribute. Still, we wanted to break down those that still stand out for their contribution to the show’s legend and television as well as the ones that still generate the most laughs and we had to put the cutoff somewhere.

To be sure, this is a highly subjective endeavor. You’ll see episodes on this list that you probably haven’t seen on other lists like this and there will be choices and rankings that you may not agree with. In the end, however, this is mostly an effort to celebrate Seinfeld and riff on its goodness. So take it in and then dish it out in the comments. But then rewatch, because Seinfeld is still one of the best things you can put on your screen.