Don’t Worry, ‘Better Call Saul’ Fans, You’ll Find Out What Was Said In That Heated Phone Call In A Future Episode

[Spoilers for Better Call Saul, obviously]

If anyone thinks Monday’s episode of Better Call Saul is the “worst episode ever,” they deserve to be locked in the same room as Huell. Speaking of! One of the things that we learned in “Breaking Bad” is that Huell eventually left the DEA Safe House and now lives in Louisiana; the episode also filled in blanks about Walt and Jesse kidnapping Saul, as seen in the “Better Call Saul” episode of Breaking Bad (we’ll have more on their return in the Better Call Saul Lie Detector Test recap), and oh yeah, Kim is alive! (Probably?)

Early in the episode, Saul uses a pay phone to contact Kim, who’s now living in Florida. They appear to get into a heated argument, but we don’t hear the context of the conversation, because we only see it from Saul’s side and the audio is muffled by passing trucks. But according to writer Thomas Schnauz, we’ll learn more about the call.

“We will learn the details of the phone call; we will know what was said in a future episode. It’s just right now we wanted to keep the mystery going of: What is going on in the world of Kim Wexler?” he told Entertainment Weekly. “You said she’s alive, but I don’t know. Is she alive? Can you tell from that phone call? He asked for Kim Wexler on the end of that line and then heard something that made him slam the phone down and break the glass. So we’ll find out in a future episode exactly what words were spoken.”

I still believe that in the final two episodes, we’ll learn that Kim is alive — but not alive and well. After all, living in Florida is a fate worse than death.

(Via EW)