Chris Pratt Made Drew Barrymore Do A Spit Take With A Dirty Joke

Chris Pratt provided one of the best moments in Parks and Recreation history with his Kim Kardashian “comeback” joke that was sadly relegated to the deleted scenes. It still makes me laugh thinking about it. Drew Barrymore would probably like it, too, based on her reaction to a dirty joke that Pratt told on Tuesday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie star was asked by Barrymore, in character as Mitzy “Not Joan Rivers” Bananamore, to tell a joke that would make her do a spit take. “Did you hear about the Italian chef who died?” he asked. “He pasta way.” Nothing, although Drew cracked a smile when Pratt commented that the game would be easier “if the goal was to get you to swallow.”

Next up: “Why should you always knock on the refrigerator before opening? There might be a salad dressing.” Zero for two — until he added, “… And you don’t want to see the salad’s [bleep].” It’s unclear what the censored word was (although I have a guess!), but it was enough to make Drew spit her water out. “That is my kind of refrigerator!” she exclaimed. “You know what I’m saying?” Not really, but sure! It’s another iconic moment in former Parks and Recreation stars on The Drew Barrymore Show history.

You can watch the clip below.