Aubrey Plaza Asked ‘Mommy’ Drew Barrymore To ‘Feed Me’ In A Delightfully Weird Interview

The title of the video above is “Aubrey Plaza Wishes Drew Barrymore Was Her Mom,” but that’s not exactly accurate. Plaza wants Barrymore to be her “mommy.”

The White Lotus actress appeared on Drew’s News, the podcast for The Drew Barrymore Show, where she and TV’s best talk show host discussed everything from the best cities in the U.S. for a girls’ trip (“I have a new city I just learned about, it’s called Serenbe and it’s in Georgia, and it’s a wellness community,” Plaza replied) and unicorns.

Late in the recording, after Barrymore discussed the postcards she writes for her daughters while they’re away at camp, Plaza said, “You’re my dream mom. I wish you were my mom… Be my mommy.” Barrymore told Plaza, who kept saying things like “feed me,” “put me to bed,” and “nurture me,” the same thing she tells her girls: “Get back in my belly.” This was not a Fat Bastard reference, sadly.

Meanwhile, Plaza kept chiming in with her own demands. As she said, “Nurture me,” Barrymore continued to play along as she responded, “Oh, yes. What I wouldn’t do to put you to bed.” Plaza, somehow taking the bit even further, added, “I’m a hungry baby,” to which the actress assured, “And I have everything you need.”

They have even better chemistry than Harper and Ethan.

You can watch The Drew Barrymore Show clip above.

(Via Decider)