Drama Kings Daemon And Aemond Had The Best (And Funniest) Interaction On This Week’s ‘House Of The Dragon’

(House of the Dragon spoilers will be found below.)

The Game of Thrones prequel’s eighth episode included the most soap-operatic flourishes of the series thus far. The audience bid a fond farewell to the long-suffering King Viserys I, who has been through maggot-covered hell and back. His final moments led to a grave misunderstanding that will likely impact the rest of House of the Dragon and the very fate of House of Targaryen. Beyond that central storyline, we also got to see how Vaemond Valaryon f*cked around and found out when Prince Daemon Targaryen gave him a diagonal slice to the head, allowing him to keep his tongue but losing his life after insulting Rhaenyra and her children.

Daemon might be the salty king of drama (and boy, does he enjoy other people’s drama), but he’s got a shadow (and a contender) in one of his nephews. That would be Aemond Targaryen, whose villain origin story began when his cousins taunted him with a pig before he stole claimed a dragon for himself. This week, snickers from a cousin (after a server set a pig in front of Aemond) led to a final toast and another scuffle, which resulted in the younger Targaryens being sent their rooms. At that pivotal point in time, Aemond and Daemon had their moment.


Ewan Mitchell picks up the role from Leo Ashton, and now, we see that Aemond very clearly wants to be his uncle and is adopting the same roguish look and vibe. Daemon (with a sigh) may or may not recognize this (pretending that Daemon doesn’t know might be better, but I think he knows), and Aemond attempted to hold his uncle’s gaze but then relents. It’s a wordless interaction that speaks volumes.


This acknowledgement between the mutual kings of chaos is so funny, but also, there’s an element of Daemon looking back at the crazy kid he used to be (and still is today). People are digging the dynamic, so let’s hope there’s eventually real conflict to come between them as the show continues. All hail the Targaryen drama kings!



HBO’s House of the Dragon airs on Sundays at 9:00pm EST.