Boomers Will Now Have To Learn How To Subscribe To Peacock To Watch ‘Days Of Our Lives’

If you’ve been on the fence about downloading a meditation app, now might be the right time. You’ll need the extra zen in your life as NBC moves Days Of Our Lives to its streaming site Peacock, and you’re enlisted to help explain to your parents and grandparents how to sign up, log in, and/or stream the show from the TV. Is it on the internet or on the TV? Yes. Hopefully no dongles will be harmed in the process.

After 57 years on the network, the soap opera has avoided cancellation yet again by making the shift. Or maybe the Peacock version is its evil twin? Hard to say.

According to Vulture, NBC is banking on diehard fans of the 14,000-episode series to boost Peacock membership numbers. Boomer jokes aside, chairman of NBCUniversal Television and Streaming Mark Lazarus said that most fans of Days of Our Lives (DOOL if you’re nasty) already watch the show online, so “this move enables us to build the show’s loyal fan base on streaming while simultaneously bolstering the network daytime offering with an urgent, live programming opportunity for partners and consumers.” In other words, the legacy series is stepping aside to make way for another show and to test whether an established, dedicated fanbase can help NBC navigate a shifting media landscape.

The show replacing it at the network will be NBC News Daily, which is quite the tonal shift from the dramatics of the Bradys and Hortons.

Even though the show continues on, it’s still the end of an era. Like sands through the hourglass, right?

(via Vulture)