Tom And Greg’s ‘Disgusting’ Nickname For Themselves Is The Only Thing ‘Succession’ Viewers Can Think About

Succession returned with a bang last night — or at least a rummage in the pants. We’ll have a full recap later today, but for now, let’s talk about the Disgusting Brothers. It’s Tom and Greg‘s nicknames for themselves, now that Tom is separated from Shiv (poor Mondale) and Greg is New York City’s most eligible California Pizza Kitchen-loving bachelor.

Greg brings his suspicious date — the owner of a “ludicrously capacious” handbag — to Logan’s birthday party, even though “we’re in the middle of a very hotly contested election, your uncle’s on the brink of a very large sale, and scoping out a very sensitive acquisition,” as Kerry scolds him.

It’s a birthday party, not a “pre-fuck party,” but Greg and Bridget Random-F*ck sneak away to put their hands down each’s other pants. After rummaging to fruition, Greg proudly goes up to his fellow Disgusting Bro, the least sexy name for a sex pact since the Pussy Posse, to tell him all about it. An aghast Tom informs (f*cks with) Greg that he accidentally made a sex tape for Logan, who has cameras “up the wazoo,” and that he needs to confess what happened.

“So how did it go?” Tom asks later in the episode. “He says he finds me disgusting and despicable,” Greg recaps about Logan’s reaction, “but he kind of smiled.” Another victory (?) for the Disgusting Brothers.

“Season four is big for Greg, I would say in that department,” Nicholas Braun told Deadline when asked what to expect from the Beautiful Ichabod Crane Fuck in the final season. “Greg is tested and Greg puts himself forward as a different kind of guy at times this season and he’s more bold than we’ve ever seen him, and strategic. I mean, he’s always been a guy who’s tried to play whatever sides are available to him and he really leans into that this season.”

(Via Deadline)