Disney+ Just Hit A Milestone In Subscribers While Netflix Is Struggling To Stay On Top

The Walt Disney Company is under siege now from the Republican party, who keep trying to punish it for expressing an opinion about politics. But you wouldn’t know they were suffering from their recent quarterly report. Indeed, despite some extremely bizarre and troubling attacks from figures like Marjorie Taylor Greene, they actually wound up adding even more subscribers to their streaming services than they already had.

As per IndieWire, the mega-corporation ended its Q2 period with a whopping 205.6 million streaming subscribers across their four services, namely Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+ Hotstar, which includes Indian content. Of those, the family-friendly Disney+ saw its subscribership rise to 137.7 million, up 7.9 million from the previous quarter. (As for their parks, which were shuttered during the height of the pandemic, their revenues more than doubled from the previous year, when they were tentatively opened, with lots of social distancing and other safety measures.)

So good news for Disney — especially considering one of their big streaming rivals, Netflix, ain’t doing too hot. Over the last several months, the streamer that started it all has seen a massive dip in subscribers, which may be why they’re rushing to get a cheaper, ad-supported version up and running before year’s end. Maybe the problem is they’re not the streamer that houses the family-friendly anti-classic Million Dollar Duck.

(Via IndieWire)