A New Elon Musk Docuseries Will Explore The ‘Truth’ Behind The World’s Richest Man And Twitter’s New Owner

Elon Musk is yet again the subject of a documentary series, but this time around, the team behind the recent deep dive into infamous British TV personality Jimmy Saville will probe Musk’s rise to power for the BBC. Titled The Elon Musk Show, the docuseries has reportedly made adjustments to include Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter before it airs later this year. The filmmakers will also make use of an “extensive and unseen archive” charting Musk’s early years in Silicon Valley where he made a name for himself through the formation of Paypal before finding success with Space X and Tesla.

Via Deadline:

“There is no getting away from Elon Musk,” said the directors. “It’s always exciting to be documenting the biggest stories of the day, and our series will go inside Elon’s inner circle, examining the billionaire’s incredible rise and the truth behind this modern icon.”

BBC Commissioning Editor Simon Young described Musk as “one of the most enigmatic and intriguing people in the world.”

The documentary announcement follows news that Musk’s purchase of Twitter is raising concerns across the pond. According to Deadline, Musk has been summoned to appear in front of the UK parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee to discuss his plans for Twitter. While Musk has no obligation to attend, the committee hopes to have his participation so it can hear how Musk will “balance his clear commitment to free speech with new obligations to protect Twitter’s users from online harms.” So far, the new owner of the social media platform hasn’t been forthcoming on those details besides repeatedly saying he’s a “free speech absolutist,” whatever that means.

(Via Deadline)