‘Emily In Paris’ Fans Are Shook To Spot One Of The Murderous Gays From ‘The White Lotus’ In Their Fluffy Little Show

Warning: This post contains spoilers for The White Lotus Season 2 (but not Emily in Paris).

The life of an actor is an exciting one. They do jobs that can take them all over the world, from one genre to another. Indeed, an actor who had a small but critical role in one of HBO’s most messed-up (but funny) shows is also a regular on maybe Netflix’s lightest programs. And it’s blowing people’s minds.

His name is Bruno Gouery. To fans of Emily in Paris, the French actor has long been Luc, one of the titular American expat’s quirky coworkers at the marketing firm Savoir. To fans of The White Lotus, he’s Didier, one of the murderous “gays” from Season 2. Not everyone who watches the darkly comic White Lotus also watches the comically fluffy Emily in Paris. But those who do (or at least saw some commercials for Emily in Paris, which just dropped its third season) were in for a shock that the same actor, rocking almost the same puffy ‘do, can do both.


On The White Lotus, Didier was part of the gang of secretly evil funloving jet setters, lorded over by Tom Hollander’s scheming Quentin. He was there on the yacht in the final episode, when Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya almost narrowly escaped death. He was one of the ones who ate it, shot in the back, before Tanya took her accidentally fatal fall. Gouery’s role on Emily in Paris is quite different (unless he’s furtively plotting Emily’s death, too). Some imagined he was the same character.

Others imagined a crossover episode.

So congrats to Bruno Gouery. People now know this once semi-obscure French actor has range.