‘Emily In Paris’ Season 3 Ending. Explained: Diving Into The Unexpected Cliffhanger

(Emily In Paris spoilers will certainly be found below.)

Enchanté… that’s pretty much how Netflix subscribers responded with the third season of Emily Cooper’s Parisian adventures landed on December 21.

This season came and went in a swiftly binge-prone way with Emily deciding to stay in Paris and the French end of Savior branching off into a new agency. On a more compelling personal level, Emily’s love life is still a (polished) mess. After she and Chef Gabriel slept together in the Season 1 finale, he went back to Camille, who has been willfully blind after discovering the dirty skillet (in Emily’s apartment) and doesn’t seem to realize that she deserves better. Likewise, Emily moved onto Alfie, who didn’t seem too serious about her until he did. And once he really handed his heart over to an ungrateful American, oh boy. (That italics-based drama is only for fun.)

The Season 3 finale saw Emily and Alfie attend the wedding of Gabriel and Camille. Unbeknownst to everyone, this was actually a shotgun affair. And after Camille exposed Gabriel and Emily to the world and rushed out of the ceremony (no knots were tied), Gabriel revealed to Emily that he and Camille were expecting. That certainly complicates matters, and it’s shocking in the sense that babies don’t seem to fit into the Emily in Paris universe. Yet I suppose that’s happening anyway, and there will be a Season 4 for sure. Where does this leave our protagonist going forward?

Creator Darren Star recently spoke with Deadline, and it sure sounds like (even if the writers are still working things out), Emily and Gabriel probably aren’t possible as a real couple yet, although Star acknowledges that these “star-crossed lovers” are in a “more complicated place” than they were a few seasons ago. As for how Emily/Gabriel/Camille will work out, here’s what Star offered:

“That’s a big question for us to think about in Season 4. I certainly have ideas, but I think they will. They are all involved in each other’s lives, they are friends, they work together. They’re all very much tied together. But I just think there were some big unforeseen complications here, especially for Emily. And perhaps Emily-Gabriel is not meant to be, at least in the immediate future.”

So, things are not going to totally be rosy, but Emily and Gabriel will be in each other’s lives and not be able to avoid each other professionally. Also, Emily lives one floor above Gabriel, so that’s an added bit of awkwardness. Star believes that won’t be changing: “For the time being, it’s a nice building, who wants to move?” Moving is definitely the worst. And we’ll hopefully also find out how fast Alfie fled the scene when Season 4 debuts.

Emily In Paris Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

(Via Deadline)