Tim Robinson’s Brilliant ‘I Think You Should Leave’ Is Coming Back For Season 3 On Netflix

I do even want to be around anymore, because Tim Robinson’s sketch series I Think You Should Leave is coming back.

Sam Richardson, the Detroiters star who has appeared in some of the funniest I Think You Should Leave sketches with his “best pal” (including “Baby of the Year”), told Variety that the writers are working on season three. “I’m not sure when they’ll start filming,” he said. “But there are funny sketches coming already, I can tell you that much.”

The future of I Think You Should Leave was in doubt after it was announced that Robinson and co-creator Zach Kanin were writing a comedy pilot for HBO Max. Computer School is described as being about a “recent high school grad and his uncle [who] attend the same computer class in suburban Michigan,” with Robinson playing the uncle. That sounds pretty great, but more I Think You Should Leave sounds even better.

“We’ve worked together for almost two decades, so we’d certainly break each other,” Richardson said about working with Robinson (even their last names are similar). “But we also know each other’s comedic moves and know how to respond to them. It’s so rare to find someone who understands and complements your comedic style and voice like that.”

In honor of the season three news, first round of sloppy steaks is on me, boys!

(Via Variety)