Is Ozark Season 4 The Final Season?

(Plentiful spoilers from Netflix’s Ozark will be found below.)

If you’re already caught up with Ozark Season 3 (and the big deaths that go down), then you’re probably already headed into Season 4 territory. You’ll want to know what’s up with this unusually structured season, however, so let’s get to that lowdown.

Yes, this season is the final mop-up of the Byrde family’s money-laundering messes. The good news, though, is that this is a supersized season with 14 episodes split into two batches. The first half of those episodes hit Netflix on Friday, January 21. The season’s a hit here on Uproxx (Julia Garner steals the whole joint) with overall critical reception being very strong (92% fresh rating) on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s consistent with the show’s reputation as a critical darling, but how does the viewership stack up?

The verdict’s still out on how Season 4 premiere weekend will go, but Ozark is a crowd favorite show and has been a strong draw for Netflix since its July 2017 first-season premiere. Ratings have stayed strong with the Hollywood Reporter noting that Season 3 (and rewatches) “logg[ed] 30.46 billion minutes of viewing” in 2020, which (in Nielsen terms) made it the top original streaming show of the year.

As far as when Season 4, Part 2 will surface, there’s no concrete answer to that question, but we can make some guesses based upon other two-part seasons from Netflix. For example, Masters of the Universe: Revelation released its first part on July 23, 2021 and its second part on November 23, 2021. And Unsolved Mysteries premiered a first half-season on July 1, 2021 and its second half on October 19, 2021.

If there’s a pattern here, then we can hope for Ozark‘s final batch of episodes to arrive within four to six months and almost certainly within one year, but only Netflix knows the answer to that question for sure. Fingers crossed that we’ll see how Ruth handles the fallout of her Season 4, Episode 7 rage session before too long.

‘Ozark’ is currently streaming (Season 4, Part 1) on Netflix.