Jamie Foxx Has Unveiled His Spot-On Impression Of How He Imagines Dave Chappelle Would Describe His Onstage Attack

When initial news of Dave Chappelle being attacked (while onstage at the Hollywood Bowl) surfaced, details of the aftermath quickly followed. That includes word that Jamie Foxx was on hand and helped to put an end to the attack with Chappelle later declaring, “Whenever you’re in trouble, Jamie Foxx will show up in a sheriff’s hat.”

In the aftermath, Chris Rock told a fine joke for the ages, and Chappelle issued a statement to the effect of him not wanting the “incident to overshadow the magic of this historic moment” for the Netflix Is A Joke festival. Now, Jamie Foxx has finally spoken, and he’s not exactly speaking in his voice. Not at all, actually. Rather, he’s delivering what he feels would be the way that Chappelle would speak his mind while describing what happened. Here’s what Foxx declared in part:

“Damn man, he ran up onstage. I was incensed! … Jamie Foxx showed up as sheriff. All the other comedians, they stood there, waiting on me to die! So they can take over. I see you, Chris Rock.”

Words don’t do the inflection justice, of course. This righteous performance must be watched with the volume cranked up to eleven:

What a week it’s been, and it ain’t over yet. The Netflix Is A Joke festival dates continue with John Mulaney, Jane Fonda, and Aziz Ansari headlining sets and carrying the comedy torch. You can see the full calendar of dates here.