‘The Bear’ Star Jeremy Allen White’s Take On Chicago Pizza Will Either Cause You To Respect Or Retract His ‘Chef’ Title

The Bear will give us a second season, thank goodness. The show’s got viewers addressing each other as “Chef” out of respect, and there’s plenty of other useful jargon that has entered the public discourse, but what of Jeremy Allen White and his seeming onscreen addiction to not being able to leave Chicago? Well, this may or may not affect viewers’ lust for his Carmy character, but White has been asked to weigh in on the eternal question of which regionally favored pizza is the best. Spoiler alert: The Shameless veteran does not embrace all things Chicago.

White’s been doing the rounds while the show still reverberates around the Internet’s nether regions, and although he recently told Eater Chicago that he’s “happy to help” restaurant workers get down, he’s also pushing back on some of his own kitchen-based appeal. Here’s what White told InStyle about a very pressing issue:

Chicago-style hotdog or deep-dish pizza? You have to choose one.

Deep-dish pizza is disgusting. That’s the easiest question I’ve ever been asked.

Spoken like a true New Yorker.

It doesn’t make any sense. It’s so doughy. Get it out here. I don’t need it.

Oh man, carb lovers everywhere will be reeling. And if he doesn’t dig Chicago pizza, he surely doesn’t enjoy Detroit pizza either. Will this hurt or help his “Chef” status among The Bear devotees? I’m slightly disappointed (but will recover) and not alone.

(Via InStyle & Eater Chicago)