John C. Reilly Says He Had To Do His Own Monster Makeup For ‘Licorice Pizza’

In case you missed it (or blinked at the wrong time), John C. Reilly had a cameo in Paul Thomas Anderson’s hit movie Licorice Pizza, though you couldn’t really tell it was him, with all that green makeup. The Step Brothers actor graced the screen for a split second, though there was a lot of time and effort that went into his role of Herman Munster.

The comedian stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to discuss his various roles, including his small cameo in the Oscar-nominated Licorice Pizza. Because the movie was shot at the height of the COVID pandemic, Reilly was forced to do most of the Frankenstein-inspired makeup himself, though Anderson’s three young kids had to help him with the back. To be fair, it does look pretty impressive. But it also looks like an ad for Spirit Halloween. In a good way! Anyway, the fans loved it.

Reilly also discussed his distinguished look for HBO’s Winning Time, where he plays Lakers owner Jerry Buss (the role going to Reilly also apparently caused a rift between creator Adam McKay and longtime collaborator Will Farrell, allegedly). Though he doesn’t have a Frankenstein look, he does have a pretty iconic combover, which he had a team to help him put together.

Watch Reilly discuss his various looks (and basketball) in the clip above.