Kaley Cuoco Made A Major Call About Her Personal Life After Filming ‘The Flight Attendant’ Season 2

Kaley Cuoco’s a workaholic. That’s something that not everyone would expect from the actress who portrayed the stereotypical ditzy blonde on The Big Bang Theory. She’s now the voice of Harley Quinn, dang it, and she’s not only starring within but also executive producing The Flight Attendant. The new season’s more overstuffed and chaotic than the first round, and from the sound of things, Kaley went to hell and back while filming. Much of this had to do with her personal life, given that she simultaneously ended her marriage to Karl Cook. And she’ll never, ever walk down the aisle again.

Yep, the HBO Max show plugged away dutifully through Covid times to make Season 2, and Kaley was feeling the strain. She revealed to Glamour that she hasn’t even taken a vacation since beginning Big Bang, mostly because she loves to work. Kaley recognizes that this has had a detrimental effect on relationships, and she swears that “I will never get married again. Absolutely not. You can literally put that on the cover.” Wise words.

Furthermore, Kaley revealed that the twin stresses (of filming a wilder season amid a divorce) gave her a stress rash that wouldn’t quit. This does not sound fun:

I’d have these emotional scenes and then I’d go home and cry over my personal life. I developed a rash that went from my lower stomach down my leg. It lasted for seven months. I discovered through therapy and through my doctors that it was completely emotional. That’s how the stress was [showing up] physically. I couldn’t even walk. The scenes were so hot and driven; there was no calmness.

In other words, there’s a damn good reason why Kaley fell to the ground upon receiving word that filming had wrapped on this season. She does need to take a vacation, though. I get it, totally. It’s hard to take a break for fear that everything will be fine, and the world will move on without you. But I hope Kaley gets outside for some dog (and horse) walks, all in order to recharge those juices and bring us more DC villainess and CIA-aviation chaos again. Bubble baths and sleep, man. That’s where it’s at, and The Flight Attendant returns on April 21.

(Via Glamour)