Kaley Cuoco Literally Fell To The Ground With Relief While Giving A ‘The Flight Attendant’ Update

Kaley Cuoco’s the queen of uninhibited reactions (like when she expressed genuine surprise at her Golden Globes nod). She appears to be genuinely grateful and surprised that her career has gone on to soar higher after The Big Bang Theory ended. And for real, we underestimated her, and she got in a quick one-two punch of success with both Harley Quinn and The Flight Attendant. Speaking of the latter, the HBO Max show plugged away dutifully through multiple Covid waves for Season 2, and it appears that the production took its toll, stress-wise.

Over the weekend, things wrapped up, finally, and Cuoco (who’s not only the star but an executive producer) celebrated on Instagram. You gotta respect that she posted this video of herself with her hair all over the place and in total-work/not-glamour mode. She literally fell to the ground in relief while celebrating how the production tore through “3 countries , 7 months , mega highs and lows, Covid etc!” She passed all due credit to her cast and crew and acknowledged that everyone played a role in conquering the beast.


Also above, Kaley delivered a speech, and the new season should go some unexpected places since they’re probably moving past the novel’s subject matter. “This has been the strangest life imitating art for me that I’ve ever had in my career,” Kaley declared. “[A]nd I would never have been able to get through this without each of you. One of you saved me each day for the last seven months, and I owe you all the biggest thank you.”

There’s no word yet on a firm release date for Season 2 (which will include Sharon Stone), but HBO Max recently shared some footage in a 2022 sizzle reel, so hopefully, it won’t be too long.