If You Really Wanted To See ‘Mare Of Easttown’ Season 2, There’s Some Bad-Good News From Kate Winslet And HBO

Mare Of Easttown served as Kate Winslet’s momentous return to HBO, a full decade following her Emmy-winning performance in Mildred Pierce. This return, however, turned out to be a slow burn of a crime drama and a massive ratings win for HBO Max as people tuned into the twisty finale find out the murderer’s identity, and more importantly, to celebrate Winslet’s dogged, messy-hair-don’t-care TV cop. The heavy canned-cheese presence in the show didn’t hurt matters nor did Jean Smart’s curmudgeon, and then it seemed like everyone (including Winslet) wanted a second season.

Well, we’re not getting one. Not yet, at least! Don’t worry, though. The world’s got two heaping helpings of Kate Winslet-HBO teamwork on the way. Yup, we can look forward to a pair of limited series, and the first one (The Palace) has some Succession flavor. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

The Oscar and Emmy winner has signed on to star in a limited series title The Palace, which chronicles a year inside an authoritarian regime as it begins to unravel. Winslet will also be an executive producer of the drama, which HBO has ordered to series.

Succession writer and executive producer Will Tracy created the series, and Stephen Frears (The Queen, Sundance’s State of the Union) is set to direct.

From there, Winslet will also star in Trust, which is still in development and will follow Hernan Diaz’s novel about a financier who hires a ghostwriter to retool actual events and relationships, sort of rewriting history if you will. Both sound compelling, although one shouldn’t expect Wawa to make any “mythical” appearances. And now, it’s time to return to holding out hope that Mare will eventually return too. Hey man, never stop believing in cheesesteak.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)