Valerie Bertinelli Appears To Be ‘Mortified’ By Matthew Perry’s Claims That They Made Out While She Was Married To Eddie Van Halen

When Matthew Perry sat down to write a pretty heavy memoir about addiction and recovery, he might not have thought that everyone would be shocked by the various celebrity tidbits he had sprinkled in there. But that’s what people are interested in, so that’s what stuck!

First, news broke that Perry wished that Keanu Reeves was dead in an excerpt from his memoir. This was maybe blown out of proportion, but that happens when you come for America’s Sweetheart Keanu Reeves. He later clarified his comments, but it still stung!

Then, in another excerpt, Perry claimed that he had once made out with then-costar Valerie Bertinelli… while her husband Eddie Van Halen was “passed out 10 feet away.” Page Six reported that Perry and Bertinelli had “a long, elaborate make-out session,” while they were working on their short-lived 1990 sitcom Sydney. Perry claimed that their marriage was “troubled” and that he dreamed “elaborate fantasies about [Valerie] leaving Eddie Van Halen and living out the rest of her days” with him. That clearly didn’t happen, but Van Halen and Bertinelli divorced in 2001.

Now, Bertinelli seems to have responded to the ordeal in a TikTok. The actress uploaded a clip featuring Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” to express how she really feels. “Anyone else misbehave in their 20’s and early 30’s?” she captioned the TikTok, which features her looking embarrassed. “Are you mortified?” The audio features the lyrics “It’s me, Hi/ I’m the problem it’s me.” While she doesn’t explicitly mention Perry, her reaction is enough.

Perry has not reacted to the slight dig (probably because TikTok is more popular for those under 30) but he might regret putting out all of his secrets in one memoir. Yes, it’s all in the past and was over 30 years ago, but using “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift for her next TikTok would be a great power move!

Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing hits bookshelves on November 1.

(Via Page Six)