‘White Lotus’ Creator Mike White Gave His Lawyer’s Son A Shout Out In The Show

Mike White is so annoying (not really): he is an extremely good writer and seems like a good person. In the latest episode of season two of The White Lotus, Tanya, played by Jennifer Coolidge, tells her assistant Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) that she’s already talked to her lawyer about ending her marriage. “You know, I talked to Billy Offer last night about getting the marriage annulled,” she says.

The name Bill Offer is not familiar to most people, but it’s meaningful to The White Lotus creator, writer, and director Mike White. In real life, Billy Offer is the son of White’s entertainment lawyer, Robert Offer, according to The Wrap. Billy Offer (in real life) works in the Indie Film Group at United Talent Agency (UTA).

In an email sent to The Wrap, White confirmed the personal easter egg.

“Robert Offer has been my lawyer for over 25 years and I have known Billy since he was a toddler. A perk of writing a TV series is giving shout outs to people I love and respect!”

“[Mike is a] good friend and a long, long-time client, and we’re huge fans of the show,” White’s entertainment lawyer Robert Offer told The Wrap in a statement. “We all had a nice smile in our house watching the show, which we do religiously every weekend … It was fun to hear our son’s name mentioned in the episode because we love the show and we love Mike.”

Season two has been filled with references and cameos both cinematic, personal, and related to White’s experience as a contestant on Survivor. What reference will he make next?

(Via The Wrap)