Mila Kunis Had To Solve A No Bra, No Underwear Crisis Ahead Of Her ‘Kimmel’ Appearance

Don’t you hate it when you’re booked on a late-night talk show to discuss your new major motion picture, and you’re all dressed up in an expensive outfit except, oops, your underwear got left in another city? Well, this very relatable scenario happened to Mila Kunis, who discussed the ordeal on Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“I show up here and I open my garment bag to put on this dress and these shoes, but there’s no bra, no underwear, and no socks. Why I wasn’t wearing those garments either is a whole other story,” the Luckiest Girl Alive actress said. “I looked around and went, ‘Uh, I think we have a problem.’ So I’m currently wearing my publicist’s bra, my manager’s socks, and your costume department found children’s leggings from the Children’s Place that we have cut into underwear. So I am wearing children’s underwear.” The lack of bra and underwear (children’s or otherwise) normally would not matter, Kunis added, except that she was wearing a see-through dress. Oops!

Later in the clip, Kunis lost all the goodwill she earned from her fashion crisis by admitting to a crowd of New Yorkers (where Kimmel is filming this week) that she didn’t eat pizza during her visit. I bet she doesn’t fold her slices, either.

You can watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live clip above.