‘Power Book II: Ghost’: The Value Of Life Itself Cannot Be Estimated In Season 3, Episode 3

(WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s Power Book II: Ghost episode will be found below.)

The pressure is on for Tariq, Brayden, Effie, and Cane. The group has been tasked with moving what was Mecca’s leftover drug supply after Monet killed him at the end of season two. This command was given to them by Noma, a new name to the Power Book II: Ghost cast this season. She plays the menacing leader of a global empire who was also Mecca’s boss and finacée. Mecca’s remaining supply of drugs is more than Tariq, Brayden, Effie, and Cane have had to ever move in their lives so it’s been a bit of an adjustment to plan things out and make sure to get the job done. After all, their lives are extremely at risk. While the formation of this operation took up the bulk of episode two, the biggest moment came at the end when Cane realized that Lorenzo, his father, was the one that killed Zeke. Though he initially denies it, Lorenzo explains that it was a complete accident, but that means nothing to Cane. Instead, he sees it as a moment to forcibly take over the family business and that’s exactly what he does.

In the third episode of Power Book II: Ghost season three, titled “Human Capital,” Tariq, Brayden, Effie, and Cane are threatened once again by Noma’s associates after they fail to move an ample amount of Mecca’s product. The associate threatens to go after their loved ones if they’re unable to bring him $1 million in cash at their next meeting. This forces the group to come up with a new plan to move the product as quickly as possible. Tariq and Brayden develop a website that allows workers at the Weston family company to buy the product without it being traced back to them, and have it put together in a way that it can be snuck into the company’s building. Cane, with the help of Dru, opts to take out a big connect in the city so that they can take his spot. Lastly, Effie, thanks to the blessing of Tariq, is now selling product at Stansfield. With that, the group’s plan seems to set sail smoothly, but little do they know that the walls around them are closing in on them thanks to an investigation by Cooper Saxe, Jenny Sulivan, and Blanca Rodriguez.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways that we have after season three’s third episode, “Human Capital”:

Tariq Can Do Everything But Get Himself A Car

We’ve been a bit serious with these recaps for the past couple of weeks in the new Power Book II: Ghost season, so let’s start things on a lighter note this week. There’s no reason that Tariq still doesn’t have a car to call his own after more than two seasons of the show. I mean, even Effie has a car! Sure, it’s a rather old Toyota Corolla, but at least it’s something. We have no way of knowing how Tariq gets around New York. Maybe it’s by subway and it’s just that no scenes are shot there or maybe he’s an avid walker and just gets to all his destinations near and far by foot. Nonetheless, the fact that his carless self had to courage to clown Effie for her working car, is beyond mind-blowing to me and I’m glad she had a joke ready for him in return. If Tariq can purchase expensive suits and watches for himself, orchestrate intricate plans to sell drugs, and murder people, he can certainly purchase a car for himself. It doesn’t have to be a Rolls Royce or Lamborghini Urus, but for Christ’s sake, just get a car already Tariq!

Brayden Is Only Built For So Much

Tariq, Effie, and Cane are all capable of some of the most gruesome crimes — we’ve seen them commit them throughout Power Book II: Ghost. We’d have to assume that the life-or-death situations that apply to them in this drug game are the reason they’re able to do so, but that isn’t the case when it comes to Brayden. We know that Brayden’s entrance into the game was by choice and not due to some need to survive. However, when he’s called to take care of business in ways that his associates have been able to, Brayden folds and looks for a way out of it. When he was told to kill Lauren, Brayden folded and Effie had to swoop in and take care of business — or so she thought. In this week’s episode, Cane employs Brayden to kill the Russian connect because he’s the lone white boy and it won’t be connected to the Tejada family. Though he agrees to do it, Brayden once again folds when the time comes to get the job down which forces Tariq to take care of business. This puts Cane in a bad spot for a moment because he’s blamed for the shooting due to people mixing him up with Tariq, something that wouldn’t have happened if Brayden did what he was supposed to do. Cane later holds Brayden at gunpoint for being unable to complete the mission as it was told to him. However, he lets Brayden go under the condition that he knows that he’ll eventually have to kill someone in the future because he still owes Cane a body. This seems like a can-lead-a-horse-to-water-but-can’t-make-them-drink-it situation, which brings back the frequent question of whether or not Brayden is built for the game.

'Power: Ghost' Cane S3 E3

Cane Is The Muscle, Not The Brains

Cane is really feeling himself at the moment. After trying to work his way into the top spot to take over the family business for so long, in both respectful and disrespectful ways, Cane was finally able to take over. When Cane figured out that Lorenzo was the one who killed Zeke, he immediately blackmailed him into giving him the throne. It was a very low way to go about it, especially with Monet still grieving and searching for the killer, but in a bit of Cane’s defense, Lorenzo dared him to find Zeke’s killer and Cane did just that. For such a long time, Lorenzo denied Cane that coveted right-hand man position because he felt that Cane wasn’t ready for it, and it’s in this episode more than most others ones that we see how unprepared Cane truly is for the role. Cane is the muscle for the group, but he’s certainly not the brains for them and that’s a requirement for the role he wants so badly. Cane suggests that the Tejadas wipe out a competing drug family, one that they’ve known since they were kids. Though it would be effective for their immediate goals, it would bring too much heat towards them and essentially start a war in the city, something they don’t have the resources for. Thankfully, Dru, who has been Lorenzo’s right-hand man for some time, suggests a better plan that involves taking out the main drug supplier in the city, so that way the Tejadas can step in to assume the role and quickly move Noma and Mecca’s leftover supply. As long as Cane has Zeke’s murder to hold over Lorenzo, we can assume that he will remain in charge and there’s no telling what reckless decisions he’ll make in the future. Thankfully, Dru was there to save things from heading toward the worse.

Monet Will Talk Her Way Into An Arrest

Monet and the Tejadas altogether are facing heat from the NYPD and the feds, and while they don’t know the true nature of their investigation, Monet has gotten a hint that they’re up to something. This is because Detective Kevin Whitman, who was the late Professor Carrie Milgram’s former lover, suspects that Monet is responsible for Carrie’s death. As a result, he stops at nothing to investigate the crime, Monet, and the Tejadas altogether. This leads to him getting involved in the RICO case that Jenny Sullivan and Blanca Rodriguez are attempting to build against Tariq, Davis MacLean, and the Tejadas. The evidence that’s available at the moment is very small and limited, so all Monet has to do is lay low, stay out of trouble, and not say anything to the NYPD or the feds. Unfortunately, her pride and tenacious attitude can’t help but clap back at Detective Whitman when he taunts her, even to levels that would be considered harassment. However, in the process of fighting back, Monet also lets out some information that makes Detective Whitman smile as it could be evidence used against her in the case he is trying to build. Davis MacLean begged Monet to just stay quiet when Whitman comes around, and he even went as far as to say that her mouth will get them in trouble. Lo and behold he was right, so maybe next time Monet will heed his warnings before things get worse for her and her family.

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