How Are ‘Power’ Characters Tommy And JP Connected?

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book IV: Force will be found below.)

The conclusion of one of 50 Cent’s Power spin-off series marks the start of another one! After Tariq St. Patrick and company closed off season two of Power Book II: Ghost, Tommy Egan’s journey following the death of James St. Patrick, aka Ghost, is officially underway with Power Book IV: Force. The Tommy-led spin-off begins with him heading cross country from New York City to begin a new life in Los Angeles. However, he makes a quick stop in Chicago to visit his old childhood home. It’s here that he discovers that his grandmother is still alive, but that’s not all.

How Are ‘Power’ Characters Tommy And JP Connected?

After visiting his grandmother’s nursing home for a second time, Tommy is confronted by a man named JP, who questions his reason for visiting the old woman. It turns out that Tommy and JP are half-brothers who share the same mother, Katherine. She left JP and his father and relocated elsewhere to continue her life raising Tommy. JP asks Tommy for more about Katherine, but Tommy says she’s dead to him and tells JP that he’s better off enjoying life without her in it.

The half-brothers exchange numbers to continue communicating in episode one, and it eventually leads to Tommy coming to JP’s rescue. JP’s bar gets severely damaged following a drive-by shooting, and Tommy raises some money for JP to fix the damage. They later watch home videos of their childhood, none of which Tommy remembers.