Watch A Giggling Ryan Gosling Completely Lose It On ‘SNL’

In the Breaking Hall of Fame, where SNL cast members and hosts are immortalized until the end of time for losing their sh*t on live television, there’s Jimmy Fallon, Bill Hader, Horatio Sanz, and now Ryan Gosling. The Big Short star, who will soon appear in Shane Black’s pants-tightening The Nice Guys with Russell Crowe, and Aidy Bryant and Bobby Moynihan were fighting back laughs the entire time in a sketch where Kate McKinnon shares a story about what her alien abduction was like. There was a lot of poking and prodding and knockers were batted; the aliens even watched her pee.

A slouched McKinnon, with a cigarette in one hand, was clearly having a great time with the weird material. Gosling had to re-compose himself several times during the sketch to stop giggling, because that’s when you break.

Welcome to the Hall, Baby Goose.

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