Apple TV’s ‘Silo’ Trailer Builds An Underworld For Graham Yost’s Adaptation Of The Hugh Howey Novels

Justified creator Graham Yost doesn’t only have the upcoming Justified: City Primeval revival that will soon make TV an even better place. The showrunner is also preparing to launch Silo, the Apple TV+ series that will bring Hugh Howey’s dystopian novels to life. From the looks of the promotional material thus far, the show will begin as the books did with Wool, which will attempt to scrub away the secrets that plague the final 10,000 or so humans left on earth after an apocalyptic event.

The story takes place with mankind residing in a massive 150-story silo, which sits underground except for the very top stories. The outside world is understood to be too toxic for life, and a no-nonsense engineer, portrayed by Rebecca Ferguson, works to keep the engines running, so to speak, but she also hears things. And she forms suspicions, which could lead to her death if she’s not careful. David Oyelowo plays the Silo’s sheriff, Holston, and the show also stars Rashida Jones and Tim Robbins.

Oh, and Common is there and still wearing an outfit that doesn’t look like it belongs in a self-sustaining silo, but this is also a pretty advanced society, so perhaps it’s a pleather jacket. As I recall, the books take place several generations into the future, where a trip to the past leads to the 2040s, so I suppose anything is possible. Whatever the case, the silo looks remarkably rendered, and the world-building of this series feels very literal.

From the synopsis:

“Silo” is the story of the last ten thousand people on earth, their mile-deep home protecting them from the toxic and deadly world outside. However, no one knows when or why the silo was built and any who try to find out face fatal consequences. Ferguson stars as Juliette, an engineer, who seeks answers about a loved one’s murder and tumbles onto a mystery that goes far deeper than she could have ever imagined, leading her to discover that if the lies don’t kill you, the truth will.

Silo premieres on May 5.