The ‘South Park’ Gang Is Warding Off Nuclear Attack In A Promo That Goes ‘Back To The Cold War’

The South Park dudes (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) sure do stay timely with a quick (less than a week) turnaround between start and finish on episodes. As such, they are apparently taking on the subject on almost everyone’s mind — the Russian invasion of Ukraine — and (possibly) putting their animated feet down upon (in John Oliver’s words) that “huge bitch,” Russian President Vladimir Putin. As such, Mackey’s all up in the nuclear-war prep and, naturally, he’s getting a bit carried away. Who said a little bit of excess ever hurt anyone?

This episode will be called “Back To The Cold War,” and it’s a real throwback, alright, even though South Park didn’t exist back in those days (the show began in 1997 and shows no sign of slowing down in its 25th season). And the show currently has loads of movies in the works, so why not tackle some low-hanging current-event fruit? The sword of satire is surely sharpened for this one, after recent episodes have tackled Covid before teasing something as seemingly uneventful as pajamas.

As far as this episode’s stories-within-stories go, we’re not hearing too much so far. As Comedy Central revealed in a press release, “A lot is riding on Butter’s ability to crush the competition in the all-important dressage championship.” In other words, you gotta tune in to see where this mayhem goes. Hopefully, the South Park residents are doing a whole lot better than Ukrainians are these days.

South Park does nuke prep on March 2nd on Comedy Central.