South Park Co-Creator Trey Parker Has Bought A Piece Of Property On South Park Ave, Close To Casa Bonita

As someone who grew up occasionally taking the trip to my local Casa Bonita “eatertainment” venue, I remember the food being pretty terrible but the experience (of dining near fake waterfalls and volcanoes and arcade games) still being so much fun. Unlimited sopapillas were pretty rad, too. That’s why it’s been an enjoyable experience (from afar) to see how the South Park guys, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, are making one of their childhood dreams come true by purchasing the last remaining Casa Bonita restaurant (from a chain originally founded in Oklahoma City) in in Lakewood, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.

This is no mere nostalgia trip, either. The duo made it clear that they’re serious about resurrecting the monolith. In the interest of a full-on revamp with more than edible food, they hired a renowned chef who will develop a new menu, meaning that the culinary part of the experience will go much further than deciding whether you want to eat beef or chicken. Now, Axios is reporting that Parker has purchased some nearby property, which suggests he might be an on-hands co-owner.

Also, his new address? South Park Ave in Morrison, Colorado, which puts him within a quick drive to the restaurant. From Axios, it’s happening:

The property sits at the intersection of Canon Street and South Park Avenue — a coincidence, we think not — and is currently zoned for a personal residence.

It’s also less than a 20-minute drive to Casa Bonita.

Meanwhile, Parker and Stone remain busy on a plethora of South Park specials that will eventually release on Paramount+. Recently, the duo really killed Kenny, so god only knows where Kyle and Stan (oh, and Cartman) will go next. Parker, however, is literally going to South Park.

(Via Axios)