Holy Heck, People Have Watched An Unbelievable Number Of Minutes Of ‘Stranger Things’

People seem to have a lot of time on their hands these days, and they are spending every waking moment of said time streaming Stranger Things on Netflix. The fourth season of Netflix’s favorite child debuted on May 27th, with a whopping 5.1 billion (!) minutes of streaming within the first three days. It’s almost as if everybody canceled their Memorial Day parties and just stayed inside to watch TV? Unheard of.

Trailing right behind the Hawkins Scooby gang is Disney+’s Obi-Wan Kenobi, which still snagged an impressive one billion minutes of viewing. Considering the show is shorter and only had two episodes at the time, maybe we should cut the Jedis some slack? They’ve been through a lot. Obi-Wan’s debut was the biggest ever for the service, according to Deadline.

Even though it seems like Stranger Things won this round, the first seven episodes average out to about 78 minutes long, which means watching the whole season is roughly 560 minutes. Considering how many fans will binge-watch an entire season in one weekend, it makes sense that they racked up those bonkers numbers. Obi-Wan, on the other hand, is still releasing episodes weekly, which means yes, there is still hope for a Jar Jar Binks cameo some point down the line.

The final two episodes of Stranger Things season four will drop in July, with the finale stretching over two and a half hours, so they will likely break another record by then. By the time the fifth and final season rolls around, the episodes will be Irishman-length.