‘Succession’ Fans All Over The World Are Clamoring For More Frank And Karl, As They Should

While everyone is mourning the death of a certain big-shot media mogul, Karl and Frank are out here thriving. Sure, it’s sad that Logan died all the way up in the sky and yeah, everything at Waystar Royco is off the rails, but now Frank and Karl are being given their time to shine and, as it turns out, we should have been getting a lot more of them over the years on Succession.

In episode five, the two hoisted up their compression socks before jet-setting to Norway, which is a sign of proper foot care that nobody ever talks about (seriously, you should all be taking care of your circulation). Not only that but they were treated to a nice outdoor excursion and donned cushy robes, implying that maybe Logan Roy was holding these men back from living the lives they truly wanted to live? Just look at them. That is a high-thread count plush robe. They are not messing around here.


Even though their future at the company is a little uncertain, they always have the option to move to a Scandinavian oasis and live out the rest of their lives Bert and Ernie style. This obviously didn’t go unnoticed by fans, who have begun to compare the two to various old guy duos, all while the rest of the characters are fighting it out. These guys can just coast for now:

A potential spinoff idea: the two decide to get really into kite making. It would be great for both of them!