‘Survivor’ Asked Viewers To ‘Consider Embracing Kindness’ Following Backlash To A Contestant’s Controversial Decision

Survivor premiered in May 2000. This was four years before Facebook, six years before Twitter, and 10 years before Instagram. Contestants in the early seasons could remain relatively anonymous from the public, but that’s impossible now. It’s never been easier for fans of the reality show to follow and get in touch with their favorite Survivors — most likely to yell at them.

The show’s official Instagram account issued a rare statement this week asking everyone to chill out. “One of the best things about the Survivor community is the passion, engagement, and excitement around the show, gameplay, and those brave enough to compete,” the post reads. “So, a reminder as we watch and discuss the entertaining competition, epic blindsides, and emotional journeys these players go on, remember that who you see on screen are real people navigating this experience. Please consider embracing kindness, respect, and compassion before commenting.”

The call for kindness appears to be in response to “the online backlash over Maria Gonzalez, who ended up voting for Kenzie Petty instead of her close ally Charlie Davis,” according to Deadline. Petty would go on to win season 46 (!).

Gonzalez defended her decision in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I have had an immense amount of hate come at me this season, which is just crazy. Not something I could have anticipated,” she said. “I think I did anticipate people would be upset about me choosing Kenzie, but I think you have to feel pride in what your decisions are. And I’m not going to take it back. I’m not going to go back on it.”

Vanderpump Rules drama has nothing on Survivor drama.

(Via Deadline)