Drew Carey Has A Bold (But Probably Accurate) Prediction For Much Longer ‘The Price Is Right’ Will Be Around

This seems impossible, but it’s true: Drew Carey has been the host of The Price is Right for 15 years. He’s almost halfway to Bob Barker’s 35-year run on the game show, which premiered in 1972. And based on recent comments that Carey made, the man who taught us all that Cleveland, in fact, rocks isn’t going anywhere soon.

“If you see me in the hotel or casino, feel free to punch me in the face,” he said while accepting an award at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show in Las Vegas over the weekend, referring to the fact that he shows up 20 minutes before The Price is Right tapings begin at noon. “I know all the games, I don’t need to learn the prices, I don’t need to. I know how the games are played, and I just play along with the contestants and have a good time and laugh all day. So, thanks for the trophy.”

Carey also made a bold prediction for how much longer The Price is Right will air:

[Carey] believes the syndicated game show “could be around for 100 years on American television, because it’s just that strong.”

It’s comforting to know that people will still be winning free boats long after everyone I know, myself included, is dead. Did I say “comforting? I meant “I’m going to haunt every free boat winner from beyond the grave if I don’t get to play Plinko at least once.”

(Via Deadline)