The Rock Has Set Aside His Feud With Vin Diesel To Threaten To Kick Cookie Monster’s Ass

Move over, Vin Diesel. The Rock’s new number one nemesis is Cookie Monster.

In case you picked a bad week to remove your Google Alert for “sesame street elmo cookie mad,” much of the internet discovered that Elmo has been trapped in a years-long feud with Zoe’s pet rock, Rocco. “How? How is Rocco going to eat that cookie, Zoe? Tell Elmo. Rocco doesn’t even have a mouth,” Elmo says in the viral clip from a 2004 episode. “Rocco is just a rock. Rocco is not alive.” He makes a good point.

Elmo took his valid gripes to Twitter, where he tweeted, “Has anybody ever seen a rock eat a cookie?” Elmo is just asking questions, folks. The tweet has over half a million likes and nearly 15,000 quote-tweets, including one from history’s most famous rock: The Rock. “Yes, my friend. This Rock devours cookies. All kinds of cookies,” he tweeted, along with the smiling face with horns and cookie emojis. “I’ll introduce you to #CheatMeals and it’ll change your life. Tell Cookie Monster to move it over, cuz I’m coming to Sesame Street to kick ass and eat cookies. And I’m almost all outta cookies.”

Cookie Monster quickly replied, “Me say cookie challenge ACCEPTED!!!”

vin cookie monster
Universal/Sesame Workshop

It’s on.