The New Trailer For ‘The Sandman’ Reveals That Neil Gaiman’s Morpheus Will Awaken This Summer

Netflix isn’t doing so hot right now. Subscribers are fleeing, budgets are being tightened, and then there’s their habit of dropping comedy specials rife with anti-trans jokes. But before the streamer had to start cutting corners, they funded some ambitious, pricey-looking projects. Among them is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, the beloved comic that has bewitched readers — and frustrated the many who’ve tried to adapt it until now.

The show’s first teaser dropped last fall, and the new one does more than offer new sights: It also reveals the release date. Late summer — August 5, to be exact — is when you can conzy up with the adventures of Morpheus (Tom Sturridge), the black-haired king of dreams and goth icon, who’s decidedly nonplussed when some humans succeed in capturing and imprisoning him. And that’s only the beginning.

When its first issue arrived in 1989, The Sandman was a game-changer. It was a DC comic, but it essentially lived in its own, dreamy, brainy realm. The comics giant even eventually launched its own spin-off line, Vertigo, for more adult-themed comics, like The Sandman. It quickly attracted Hollywood’s attention, but attempts by everyone from Terry Gilliam to Roger Avary to James Mangold came to naught. So congrats to Wonder Woman scribe Allen Heinberg for cracking what others could not.

The Sandman hits Netflix on August 8.

(Via THR)