How Much Did The Di Grasso Family Spend At The White Lotus On Hotel Rooms, Food, And Escorts? (A Lot!)

Karmic payback doesn’t come cheap. In The White Lotus season two finale, alleged “nice guy” Albie (played by Adam DiMarco) tells his dad, Dominic (The Sopranos icon Michael Imperioli), that he’ll put in a good word to his estranged wife, but only if he transfers 50,000 euros into his bank account. He wants the money for Lucia (the wonderfully named Simona Tabasco), an escort who he met three days ago and now wants to rescue, even though she doesn’t need saving; she’s scamming the schmuck.

But Albie isn’t the victim here — Dominic’s bank account is.

How much did he spend during his week-long stay at the White Lotus in sexy Sicily? Let’s begin with the room at the real-life San Domenico Palace, Taormina, A Four Seasons Hotel. The Di Grassos spent a week at the resort (I guess Saturday to Saturday), which means seven nights for three rooms. The summer-time (you can’t tell me these aren’t summertime fits) nightly rate for the “Sea-View Premium Room with Terrace” is 2,740 euros. For an entire week for three rooms with fees, that’s 63,399 euros, or 66,699 American dollars. I’ll round it up to $67,000 for simplicity’s sake (and because, unlike Cameron, Dominic might — might — leave a tip for the cleaning crew).

A daily buffet breakfast is included in the cost, but not other meals. The hotel has a Michelin-starred restaurant, and a “quite reasonable” bill for two people comes to around 400 euros. Considering how much the Di Grasso family ate and drank, Dominic is probably dropping 500 euros a night for him, Albie, and his elderly father, Bert (F. Murray Abraham). Let’s bump it up another 100 euros for lunch, and another hundred for various drinks throughout the day. We’re now at 600 euros ($631) per day on food. Would an occasional Kind Bar or Pop Tart kill them? That’s another $4,000 (I rounded down from the actual figure of $4,417 for the benefit of the doubt) on food and drinks.

Dominic gave Lucia permission to charge expenses to his room, which was not a great idea. One of her dresses cost $1,816, so she and Mia (Beatrice Grannò) spent in the ballpark of $10,000 during their shopping trips — and that’s honestly probably lowballing it. He also paid approximately $3,000 for a threesome with Lucia and Mia, and another $2,000 to cover Albie’s night with Lucia — and that’s before dropping another $52,601 so his son can “save” the sex worker, a.k.a. get scammed by pop culture’s greatest heroes.

We’re now up to $138,601 for the week, and that doesn’t include the car the family took to get yelled at by an old Italian lady, or the plane tickets from California, and other various expenses. I have the total at $145,000, at least. For [BNL voice] one week.

My only complaint about the season finale: we didn’t see Dominic’s reaction to his bill.