People Are Just Realizing How Much Jennifer Coolidge Looked Like Her ‘The White Lotus’ Co-Star Haley Lu Richardson

In the penultimate episode of season two of The White Lotus, Tanya (played by the wonderful Jennifer Coolidge) tells her millennial assistant, Portia (Haley Lu Richardson), “When I see you, I… I see a younger version of me.” It’s a tragic line in the context of the show (Tanya later adds, “Get your sh*t together, Portia”), but realistic in real life. As pointed out by Twitter user @dynamofire, “holy sh*t when jennifer coolidge says ‘you remind me of a young me’ she was not f*cking around at ALL.”

You can see for yourself here.

“Wow! What a missed opportunity to make her Tanya’s daughter,” one person wrote in response to the side-by-side photos. “Holy f*cking god” went another. @douglasmartini noted, “There is a lot of great meta stuff with Coolidge this season and I’m all the way here for it,” while others are recalling the time that Coolidge was on Seinfeld.

The viral tweet did not come up during Richardson’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, but she did discuss, uh, stalking Aubrey Plaza. “I know she has a lot of crazed fans, but I’m like one of the top three,” the actress said. “I legitimately stalked her. Like, I didn’t just stalk her on social media. I showed up to places I was not invited, knowing she was there.” It’s still not as creepy as the witch hat comment, however.

You can watch the Kimmel video below.

(Via Reddit/The White Lotus)